Trousers, Inc. Reel

A compilation of our best stuff…so far. Enjoy!

Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center

When Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center wants to get the word out, celebrate, or simply promote the goings ons at the area hospital they know that video is the best and most effective way to communicate to the masses. Over the years Trousers, Inc. has conceived and produced several videos commemorating events such as The Women’s Center’s 25th Anniversary Celebration, the opening of their new Trauma Center, and The Heartbeat Gala honoring the Stead Heart and Stroke Center.

Written, Directed, Produced, and Edited by David Crowther
Interview Director of Photography and additional footage: Brian Hoodenpyle
Choreographer: Troy Terashita
Jib Operator: Joseph Walsh

Pomona Valley Hospital | Pink Glove Dance

For their entry into the 2014 Medline Pink Glove Dance Video Competition, Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center asked Trousers, Inc. to conceive and execute a fun, memorable, and special video that would not only raise awareness in the fight against breast cancer but would also highlight the special contribution the staff and facilities at the hospital were making in that battle. The result was this video which not only went on to win the Pink Glove Dance Video Competition that year – which included a $10,000 donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation – but was also inducted into the Pink Glove Hall of Fame as the most successful and most-watched video in the competition’s history.

Produced, Directed and Edited by David Crowther

Camera by
Trevor Stevens and Charles Alexander

Choreography by
Adair Springfield

Production Assistants
Lisa Iverson, David Southard, Morgan Clay, Ben Fredman

Visual Effects by HiFi3D

KPMG | Shore & Sands: Due Dilligence

Global Accounting Firm KPMG was looking to do something a little different when it came time to produce a series of  internal training videos on the subject of Due Diligence. Trousers, Inc. created and produced this fun take on The Office that had the execs rolling on the floor.


Written by Casey Peterson
Produced, Directed and Edited by David Crowther
Directors of Photography – Bobby Bragg, Brian Hoodenpyle
Camera Assistant – Ben Fredman

Script Supervisor, Rhona Rubio
Art Department – Michael Murray and Laurie McDaniel

Hair & Make-Up, Rachel Pagan
Production Sound Mixers – Lawerence Fried, Jason Aaron Moran
Production Assistants – Lisa Iverson, Jenn Edelson, David Southard

Starring: Mike Quirk, Mark Elias, Matt DeNoto, Kris Carr, Caroline Stack, Vinnie Duyck, Heidi Kaufman, Karl Schott