Trousers, Inc. Reel

A compilation of our best stuff…so far. Enjoy!

Team CrossFit | Promo

Promotional video created for Team CrossFit in Woodland Hills, California. As one of the first and largest CrossFit gyms in the Los Angeles area, Team CrossFit has the coaches, gear, and classes for the best CrossFit experience in town.

Directed, Produced, Shot, and Edited by David Crowther

PVHMC | Trauma Center

When Pomona Valley Hospital Medical opened a new Trauma Center they asked Trousers, Inc. to create a series of broadcast spots to promote their new addition.

Written, Directed, Produced, and Edited by David Crowther
Director of Photography | ‘A’ Camera Operator: Brian Hoodenpyle
Steadicam Operator: Ben Verhulst
Hair & Make-Up: Lucy Crawford
Set Dresser: Laurie McDaniel
Wardrobe: Lisa Iverson

Harley-Davidson | Photography

Trousers, Inc. produced a location shoot for the iconic motorcycle maker featuring their amazing bikes in various picturesque locations throughout Wisconsin.

Photographers | Kevin Netz & Madison Ford

Hyundai | Epic Play Date

Hyundai USA approached Trousers, Inc. about producing a series of Branded Content spots for their “Epic Play Date” campaign utilizing the power and reach of “Mommy Blogger” influencers. This is what we came up with…

Directed, Edited and Produced by David Crowther
Producer | Casey Peterson
Camera Operators | Justin Donais, Keith Schwalenberg, Brian Hoodenpyle
Production Assistant | Jordan Pay

Splenda Zero

Broadcast Spot for Splenda’s new product, Splenda Zero. A liquid sweetener that comes in a handy squeeze bottle. Trousers, Inc. came up with the concept and executed on it with great results.

Produced, Directed and Edited by David Crowther
Director of Photography | Michael Pescasio
Food Stylist | JoAnne Strongman
Production Designer | Greg Gilbert
Stylist | Lisa Iverson

Quaker Breakfast Flats | Sunrise

Broadcast Spot for new Quaker Breakfast Flats

Produced, Directed and Edited by David Crowther
Director of Photography | James Gill
Food Stylist | JoAnne Strongman
Production Manager | Jacqueline Way
Talent | Sharai Rewels
VO | Ross Huguet

Team Crossfit | Photography

Team CrossFit in Los Angeles needed a cache of hi-quality photographs for their social media channels and marketing efforts. Trousers, Inc. delivered some powerful images that capture the hard work, dedication, and love of the sport that defines the establishment.


Photographer | David Crowther

Aveeno | Kirsten & Mackenzie

For Kristen Chen, eczema relief has always come from Aveeno. As a child, Aveeno baths were the one thing she could count on for soothing her dry, itchy skin. Now, as an adult with a child of her own, Kristen treats her daughter’s eczema with the same soothing products from Aveeno.

Produced, Directed, Shot, & Edited by David Crowther

Camera Assistant | Keith Schwalenberg

FIAT | Teresa & Todd

This is the story of Teresa and Todd. Todd came into Teresa’s life just as she was making a positive change to her work and lifestyle. Ditching the corporate scene to follow her dream as a fitness + food guru, Teresa saw Todd as the perfect fit to her new career and way of life. Todd was fun, had plenty of pep to keep up with her active life and could go everywhere she needed him. It was the absolute best fit ever. Teresa was in love! Of course, Todd isn’t Teresa’s boyfriend, Todd is Teresa’s Fiat.

Produced, Directed, and Edited by David Crowther
Assistant Camera | Keith Schwalenberg
Behind the Scenes | Jordan Pay