Case Study | Hyundai Epic Playdates Campaign

Last year, Trousers, Inc. created 5 online videos for Hyundai’s Epic Playdate campaign.  Let’s take a look at how it was done and the results of the campaign.


THE IDEAGGC2 The goal was to use influencers to mold perception about the newly redesigned Hyundai Santa Fe. Creating branded video content using leading voices in the blogosphere to drive conversation, we looked to deliver broadcast quality video that told a story and engaged audiences.

Working with such influential bloggers such as “dooce”, named one of Forbes Most Influential Women in Media, “Oh, Happy Day”, and “How To Be A Dad” we set off on a 5 month trek to film each as they took their children to experience a day full of Epic.

The idea that our kids no longer can head out in the morning and explore the world on their own until the streetlights came on and dinner was ready, was what inspired each Epic Playdate. From climbing the majestic rock formations of Arches National Monument, climbing redwood trees in California’s north coast, to simpler concepts such as learning to skateboard or screening a movie in a barn. The message was simple. Letting kids be kids.

IMG_1695We didn’t look to create a “movie set.” We were looking to film each Epic Playdate as they unfolded organically. So we went with a very small crew of two camera operators and a sound engineer so as to make as minimal an impact on the families as possible.

Hyundai provided us with a 2013 Santa Fe for each influencer to use to carry them to their Epic Playdate. We created dynamic shots utilizing the vehicle, but the true focus was on the family.

The nature of the web format is quick, meaningful story telling, combined with powerful images that grabs the viewers attention and doesn’t let it go.

Online and mobile technology is such that quality doesn’t have to suffer, so we used the latest video equipment, top of the line lenses and state of the art post production facilities to create a memorable video experience.

The videos were then featured as content in over 150 blogger posts furthering the theme of organic story telling online, in mobile and on relevant social media channels.

We had over 250,000 organic video views and over 45,000 social shares, and an overall social reach in the millions.

Through the videos, the Santa Fe became an integral piece of these unique, off the beaten path family adventures. Eliciting comments from viewers that build excitement for the brand… comments such as:

“I love the Santa Fe”
“What did you think of the new Santa Fe”
“I’m definitely thinking of getting the new Santa Fe”

From the high production quality to the client appreciation with each video the results were powerful. But the most rewarding aspect is when you receive viewer comments such as “…you inspire me to live…” Together with the Santa Fe, we developed a beautiful narrative that sparked desire and conversations… a narrative that is now rooted in the daily lives of millions adventurous, inspired families.

For a look at each video created during the campaign, you can find them here.

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