A Redwoods Adventure for Hyundai’s “Epic Play Date”

The third of five Hyundai “Epic Play Date” ads went live today on Liz Stanley’s “Say Yes To Hoboken” blog. This was a great adventure that had us climbing the giant redwood trees, dangling from tiny platforms 70 feet off the ground and zipping through the trees on wires. All while trying to operate a camera! But the beauty of the redwoods and the epic-ness of the shoot was simply amazing.

Shot on location in Arcata, California, the shoot was an adventure unto itself as we drove our RV 600 miles north into the forests of Northern California. The City of Arcata was amazingly accommodating, literally giving us the key to Redwoods Park, telling us to have a good time and return the key on our way out of town. They even let us have access to places not many have ventured into. Simply put: it was awesome!

So read the blog post and check out the video. There’s even a photo of the crew setting up one of the shots in the post. Very cool.


Read “Redwood Tree Climbing” by Liz Stanley of Say Yes To Hoboken

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