February 2013

Hyundai, Trousers, Inc. Team to Invent the Branded Content Wheel

hyundai-logoLooking for a new ways to maximize the reach of their media and engage potential customers, Hyundai Motor America, working closely with Federated Media and their unique stable of influencers, has tapped Trousers, Inc. to head up video production for their Epic Playdate campaign.

Trousers, Inc., a full service video production company, headed by Producer/Director David Crowther, will produce five Epic Playdates focusing on such famous bloggers as Heather Armstrong from dooce.com, as well as mightygirl.com, Oh Happy Day and How To Be A Dad.

“We have forgotten that kids need to be kids,” said David Crowther. “In a world of structured playdates, scheduled lessons, homework and planned events, we aren’t letting our kids climb trees, swim in dirty ponds and skip rocks, and stay out until the street lights come on playing Capture the Flag. We are trying to reintroduce that magic, and highlight the ways Hyundai is going to support those fun days.

This is HMA’s first foray into the new arena of branded content.

“It’s a very cool, exciting concept,” said Mr Crowther. “The content strategy is wide open as to what can be accomplished, and there’s a subtlety to the advertising strategy that Hyundai really understands and supports.

Trousers, Inc., who recently brought on Casey Peterson to help produce this project, will be filming at various locations across the western US.

“I’m pretty thrilled to be working on this project.” Continued Mr Crowther, “And even more excited that Hyundai really understands the value that this content model brings to the table.”

Casey Peterson signs on with Trousers, Inc. to Produce Hyundai’s Epic Playdate

caseyCasey Peterson has been pegged to produce a series of five Epic Playdates for Trousers Inc.  Working closely with Trousers owner, Producer/Director David Crowther, the two will be filming in various locations around the western US as part of Hyundai Motor America’s branded content campaign.

“This is very exciting for me,” said Mr Peterson.  “David and I have worked together on various projects over the years, but this is the first time we get to steer the ship, so to speak.”

“Casey and I have talked about branded content as a medium for the past few years,” added Mr Crowther.  “And it’s great to finally be able to get this rolling. To be on the ground floor.”

HMA is working closely with Federated Media, utilizing their unique stable of influencers to bring awareness to their brand.

“Hyundai has really opened the doors on this concept, and have been so supportive of the project.  And their message is one that is close to my heart,” said Mr Peterson.

“Letting kids be kids again.” replied Mr Crowther.