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“David is the kind of creative you want on your project. He is constantly pushing to get every dollar on the screen, and to make the end result the best it can possibly be. Whether he’s working on Oscar winning features with James Cameron, cutting music videos, or directing his own spots, David’s attention to detail and knowledge of the process – from start to finish – put him ahead of the pack. He is also my favorite kind the collaborator – the guy who can keep his team and his client relaxed and enjoying themselves through the creative process, while simultaneously pushing them to do great work.”

~ Jed Mortenson | Waypoint FIlms


“David is an incredibly skilled editor/producer who brings a plethora of skills – from directorial to editorial – to his projects. I always look forward to having David on our creative team.”

~ Shep Kaufman | Idea Asylum Productions


“David is a fantastic, highly-skilled editor and producer. He brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion to every project he works on. He has great creative instincts and is a true pleasure to work with.”

~ Courtland Cox | SVP of Development, 51 Minds Entertainment


“David is a visionary dedicated to his craft. He is conceptually creative and strategically-minded, yet equally adept at embracing nuance. As a director, his wealth of knowledge and evident passion inspires and draws the very best out of others. I’ve personally had the good fortune to work with David on just a few occasions. He is an industry frontrunner committed to producing superior work. Whatever situation David touches he influences. If you ever have the chance to collaborate with him – seize the opportunity.”

~ Jennifer Flynn-Grant | Digital Strategist/Project Manager, GMR Marketing