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By Admin

Epic Playdate Garners Award

On 24, Sep 2013 | No Comments | In News | By Admin

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An idea.  That’s where everything starts. And I remember the first time I heard the “idea” that became Hyundai’s Epic Playdate.  And my first thought was the Dr Seuss book “Oh The Places You’ll Go”.

And there were some amazing places that we went.  Ending yesterday in New York as Federated Media received a MIN (Integrated Media Award) for their work on Hyundai’s Epic Playdate Campaign.

The challenge with any idea, is how to make it real.  How to touch people, inspire and engage.  And it was with much joy to be able to help Federated take an idea, an advertising concept, a marketing slogan… and make it real.

And oh, the places we went.  From a frozen mountain in Southern Utah, to a farm in Napa, climbing 70 feet up Redwood trees to a beach bonfire listening to the music of Brett Dennen… we actually made a campaign come to life!

So congratulations to Federated.  And to our team at Trousers.  Thanks for making it real.

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